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Telling your travel insurer
about medical conditions


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Telling your travel insurer about medical conditions

When you’re going overseas, travel insurance makes sure you’re covered for the cost of being injured or falling seriously ill, otherwise you could end up with a big bill. Your insurer will ask you questions about your health – here’s more on the reasons why…

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Why does my health matter to my travel insurer?

If you have a health condition which results in an insurer quoting you a higher premium it could be because they think you are more likely to need medical treatment while away, or that medical treatment could be more expensive.

Your health isn’t the only thing that decides your premium – where you’re going and what you’re doing can also make a difference.

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Did you know?

Travel insurers pay out around £200million every year on medical claims – that’s about 55% of all the claims they cover. Another 35% goes on the cost of cancellations – health problems are a big cause of those.

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Is the average medical bill paid out by travel insurers.

The Insurance Experiments

And now for the numbers…

The average medical bill paid by insurers is £1,300, but bills can run into tens of thousands of pounds.

Every night in a hospital in the US costs around £7,500 and a special medical flight home from the states costs £65,000.

Some other cases:

  • A broken leg in Nepal that got infected – £31,000
  • Dengue Fever in Indonesia caused by a mosquito bite – £40,000
  • Injuries from a jetski accident in Turkey – £125,000.


Is the cost to get a special medical flight home from the states.

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Always remember:

Factor the cost of insurance into your holiday budget from the start, and be sure to shop around. Consumer groups are good sources of advice, so are friends and family in similar circumstances.

Other handy hints:

Some types of holiday are more expensive to cover. Insurance for trips to Europe is likely to be cheaper than for trips to the US. It can also save you money to buy a policy for a specific trip rather than a whole year.

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The bottom line...

Above all, remember to provide all the info you’re asked for when applying for travel insurance. Holding information back could leave you without the cover you need if you do fall ill. The ABI has a full guide on buying travel insurance here:

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