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Insuring your home
and beyond!


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Insuring your home – and beyond!

It’s pretty obvious that buildings and contents insurance cover your property, but did you know that they can also cover things away from home, if you get it included in your cover?

Our team left the lab to find out more…

The Insurance Experiments

Useful Information:
Cover away from home

Some home insurance policies will also cover the loss of or damage to your possessions while away from your home, up to a set limit. It may be included automatically, or you can have it added.

Some items, such as jewellery, laptops and bicycles, may need to be listed separately, but it could mean you’ll find the beach that much more relaxing knowing your personal possessions are covered, even though you’re overseas.

Bird Stealing Woman's purse

A fair few items to cover...

wallet with coins inside
science gizmo control

Useful insurance tips:
Don't forget to tell the police

Always tell the local police about items which are lost or stolen – your insurer may want the crime reference number when you come to make a claim.

If the police won’t provide one of these, just tell your insurer what happened.

scientists on a iPad
thief carrying stolen goods in a bag slung over their shoulder


7000+ is the average number of personal thefts each month in England and Wales