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Spreading health costs
with a cash plan


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Spreading health costs with a cash plan

Health insurance isn’t just for major surgery and the unexpected; a healthcare cash plan allows you to spread the cost of regular check-ups, such as with the dentist, optician or physio. The boffins have been getting in shape…

The Insurance Experiments

Why go for a cash plan?

Managing the cost of check-ups can be hard, particularly if they are unpredictable. A cash plan is an insurance policy that allows you to spread the cost of care over a regular monthly payment.

It gives you more choice over which practitioner you want to see, you don’t have to wait for a GP referral, and you can get cover for a pre-existing condition.

dentist holding a lollipop
A professer using a machine to calculate a cash plan
The Insurance Experiments

Choosing the right type of plan

Cash plans allow you to choose the cover that is most closely suited to your needs. Options to consider include whether you want cover for just yourself, or for your wider family.

You can also choose plans which offer enhanced levels of cover for particular things, eg musculoskeletal problems. If it’s your teeth causing you the biggest headaches, there are also special dental plans.


How do you to claim?

When you get treatment you pay the cost upfront but send your insurer the receipts. They’ll reimburse you within a few days for either the full or part of the cost, depending on how much cover your cash plan provides.

person getting their eyes tested at the opticians

Anything not covered?

You won’t typically be able to get cover for laser eye surgery, cosmetic surgery or professional sports injuries.