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What if I run a business
from my home?


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What if I run a business from my home?

In this internet age, more and more of us are running a business from home – sometimes very substantial ones. That’s great! But it may mean you should also have business insurance to protect your growing enterprise.

Our team have looked at this topic under the microscope…

The Insurance Experiments

Running a business from
your home or garage

If you run any type of business from home, however minor, you should tell your home insurer – especially if you have business equipment that needs to be covered or business visitors that come to the property.

Depending on your activity, your insurer may automatically extend your cover to include your business activity, or you may need to take out separate business cover.

Your insurer will be able to give you advice about the options available.

Working from home?

Don’t worry. If you’re not running a business from home but just use it as a base sometimes to do your job for an employer, there won’t be implications for your insurance.

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Useful tips: It’s not just about selling things…

Don’t forget to tell your insurer about other things which may be bringing in money, such as if you are taking in a lodger or offering accommodation on room-sharing websites.

Your insurer will be able to explain the options available.

Storing stock

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Renting a room

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