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Am I protected for
accidental damage?


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dangerous liquid leaking out of red barrels

Accidents happen!

Having buildings and contents insurance covers you for the big things, but it doesn’t automatically cover you for accidents. Accidental damage cover is included with some policies but needs to be added to others.

Examples of things it could cover are… your TV being smashed while you’re doing DIY, or a red wine stain on your new white sofa.

spilt red wine
golden watch flushed down the toilet
bowling ball cracking the floor underneath it
broken tv

Take it one step further?

A further type of cover you can include is Home Emergency Assistance. This covers the cost of calling out a tradesman to deal with an emergency such as a broken boiler or being locked out.

baby knocking over a drink on the train

Cover away from home

Some accidental damage covers will help protect your belongings away from home. So if you are taking your laptop on the train, your home insurance may come to the rescue if the worst happens.

person fixing machine
person forgot their house keys and is no locked out their home