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Does buildings insurance
cover contents?


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Does buildings insurance cover contents?

Ever thought about all the things insurance will cover you against? Here’s a list:

Fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, storm, flood, subsidence, heave or landslip, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, falling trees or branches, falling TV or satellite devices, riot and impact by aircraft, vehicle or animal.

Home insurance is often split between buildings and contents insurance. But just because you have one… doesn’t mean you automatically have the other. Let’s find out more.

Your buildings insurance

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home, such as roofs, walls, wallpaper, fitted floors, ceilings and permanent fixtures and fittings like baths, toilets, and fitted kitchens.

man working in a living room of a house

Double check your policies

Policies may cover garages, greenhouses and garden sheds, although they can vary so always check that the policy you choose meets your needs.

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mirror above a sink
chimney with smoke coming out of it
women putting up wallpaper

Contents insurance

This covers your possessions – typically everything that you would take with you when you move. This will include furniture, electrical equipment, and your personal belongings.

person relaxing in a chair on their phone
professor holding lots of diamond rings and gold

Insurance top tips:
Valuable items

Most policies have a separate limit for how much individual items can be worth before you have to declare them individually. This is often around £1,500 and applies to valuables like jewellery. Make sure you tell your insurer about your most valuable possessions so they’re covered if you have to claim.

person cycling uphill
A gold watch

Contents or buildings?

Kitchen cupboards, that's an easy one... right?

cupboards filled with plates and cooking equipment

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A well fitted answer!

Wrong Answer!
It's not so easy

Fitted kitchen cabinets are built in to your home and so covered by buildings insurance. They’re not the sort of fitting you’re going to take with you when you move house…

Contents or buildings?

A free-standing bath...?

person taking a bubble bath

Correct Answer!
Take a nice warm bath!

Wrong Answer!
Take an ice-cold bath!

A bath is almost certainly going to be plumbed into your home, so your insurers would consider this as part of buildings cover.

Contents or buildings?

A stand alone fridge.

fridge with a photo stuck to it

Correct Answer!
Nice one!

Wrong Answer!
A lukewarm response...

If your fridge isn’t fitted, it will fall under your contents policy. Nearly anything that you are likely to takeaway with you when you move home be fall under your contents policy.


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Combined insurance

It’s increasingly common to buy a combined policy, which provides cover for your buildings AND your contents. The right type of policy for you will depend on your own circumstances.

It was an accident! Am I still covered?