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Property insurance
in times of disaster


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Property insurance in times of disaster

When disaster strikes, your insurers are there to support you in your time of need. Call them as soon as possible and ask for their help (call emergency services first if required!).

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Your insurers are ready to
help you out in times of need

In the first instance, your insurers will want to help make sure your home is safe and secure and find you somewhere to stay if necessary.

They can sort out emergency accommodation for you straight away, and will immediately provide some emergency cash to help with things like food and clothing.

If your home is going to take a long time to repair they’ll find and pay for a long term alternative. Don’t worry, your pets can come too!

Insurance facts:
Helping you at home

Insurers will have emergency contractors secure the property before bringing in whatever expertise is needed to get it back to normal.

After a flood, this can involve disinfecting teams and drying machines before builders, plasterers and decorators can get on with their work.

Insurers don’t just write a cheque and leave you to sort out all the works – but if you would rather take a cash settlement and oversee repairs yourself, that’s something you can discuss with your insurer.

What about my business?

If your business is affected by a flood or fire and your premises are out of action, your insurer may be able to help you find a new, temporary location to trade from.

It’s also possible to have business interruption insurance which will cover you for the cost of lost trade after a major incident.


There were nearly 39000 fires in homes in Great Britain in 2015/16.


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